Fritz speaks on House Bill 2420

Jul. 01, 2024 / Embed

Rep. Fritz Comments on his co-sponsored House Bill 2420, the Keystone Fresh Act.

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Asphalt Sealants

Apr. 30, 2024 / Embed

Rep. Fritz Opposes HB 1166: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Asphalt Sealants.

Rep. Fritz Discusses Rare Earth Minerals Bill

Apr. 25, 2024 / Embed

Rep. Fritz talks Rare Earth Minerals Bill. His legislation is proactive regarding PA in the emerging rare earth minerals market.

Immigration Legislation Remarks

Apr. 17, 2024 / Embed

All of Rep Fritz's remarks to our cameras following today's press conference on immigration

Rep. Fritz Comments on RGGI

Nov. 15, 2023 / Embed

Rep. Fritz discusses RGGI.

Divest from Russia, Invest in Freedom

Mar. 08, 2022 / Embed

Rep.Jon Fritz joins other Pennsylvania House Republicans in announcing legislative plans to divest from Russian financial assets and invest in freedom by empowering Pennsylvania’s energy producers to meet new oil and gas demands.

Budget Hearing with Independent Fiscal Office

Feb. 15, 2022 / Embed

Rep. Fritz questions Independent Fiscal Office on Pennsylvania’s Economic Growth

Transparent Framework for DEP Permit Decisions, Predictability

Jun. 23, 2021 / Embed

During a recent ERE Committee meeting, State Representative Jonathan Fritz explains HB 604, a bill to establish a permitting framework at the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to ensure that decisions on permits are rendered reliably and in a timely manner.

Supporting Bill to Guarantee Access and Trust in PA Elections

Jun. 22, 2021 / Embed

During PA House debate, PA State Rep. Jonathan Fritz speaks in favor of the Voting Rights Protection Act.

Lower Woods Dam Project Gets the Green Light

Apr. 29, 2021 / Embed

Construction for this project will begin in the fall and will take approximately 18 months to build a new dam and spillway. Once construction is complete, refilling the lake to its full capacity is expected to take about six months. It is anticipated that the recreation will reopen in the spring of 2023.