Apr. 26, 2024

HARRISBURG – Rep. Jonathan Fritz (R-Susquehanna/Wayne) announced today the School Safety and Security Committee (SSSC) approved more than $1.2 million in grants to improve safety and security for students and staff at schools across the 111th Legislative District. 

“I am pleased to see additional dollars invested in our region’s school districts for school safety, security and building entrance fortification,” Fritz said. “These efforts, combined with the mental health component, are what we need to provide peace of mind to parents, educators and students.”

The total amount awarded to each school district is as follows:

   • Blue Ridge School District - $141,787.
   • Elk Lake School District - $143,175.
   • Forest City Regional School District - $139,519.
   • Montrose Area School District - $150,558.
   • Mountain View School District – $141,569
   • Susquehanna Community School District - $139,779.
   • Susquehanna County Career and Technical Center - $70,000.
   • Wayne Highlands School District - $ 170,264.
   • Western Wayne School District - $157,361.

The funding was distributed through four different grants, which includes Noncompetitive School Mental Health Grants, Formula-Based School Safety and Security Meritorious Grants, Competitive School Safety and Security Grants, and Targeted School Safety Grants for Nonpublic Schools.

Representative Jonathan Fritz
111th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Melissa Fox
RepFritz.com / Facebook.com/RepFritz