Feb. 22, 2021

HARRISBURG – In questioning the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary Patrick McDonnell during today’s House budget hearings, Rep. Jonathan Fritz (R-Susquehanna/Wayne) and McDonnell found common ground when the secretary acknowledged that proper natural gas development has indeed been beneficial to the Commonwealth.

The secretary can be heard voicing his agreement in the following video clip.

“I am glad to see that the DEP has finally acknowledged the benefits of this crucial industry despite the constant opposition voiced by my colleagues across the aisle,” said Fritz, an avid natural gas and family-sustaining jobs advocate. “I, along with other House members, have been fighting hard over the years defending the importance and relevance of natural gas development – especially when it comes to job creation, economic prosperity, and overall manufacturing industry expansion and investment. DEP’s acknowledgement only validates our argument that much more.”

Fritz’s full comments during the DEP budget hearing can be viewed by clicking here.

While the DEP budget hearing took place, the House Democratic Policy Committee held a hearing with representatives from the Delaware River Basin Commission to discuss protecting the Delaware River Basin, which includes banning natural gas development within the basin area.

“Looking to ban natural gas development in the area of the Delaware River Basin kills any chance of employment opportunities (which are heavily sought since many are unemployed due to the pandemic) and gaining additional state revenue and economic growth within our northeast region,” added Fritz. “We are dealing with tremendously difficult times and stripping avenues that would allow for our Commonwealth to continue to recover and prosper would prove unwise.”

Representative Jonathan Fritz
111th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Abby Chiumento
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