Natural Gas Continues to Pave Way for Future of Pennsylvania’s Energy Industry, Impact Fees to Benefit Residents
HARRISBURG- Thirty-eight municipalities in Susquehanna County within the 111th Legislative District will share $15 million in impact fee revenue derived from natural gas producers in Pennsylvania in 2022, according to Rep. Jonathan Fritz (R- Susquehanna). 

The following distributions were announced for Susquehanna County:

Apolacon Township - $279,126.
Ararat Township – $118,007.56.
Auburn Township – $1.4 million.
Brooklyn Township – $629,900. 
Choconut Township – $167,666.70.
Clifford Township – $294,806.94.
Dimmock Township – $844,113.21.
Forest City Borough – $182,146.70.
Forest Lake Township – $520,243.49.
Franklin Township – $335,064.11.
Friendsville Borough – $16,334.06. 
Gibson Township – $629,900.
Great Bend Borough – $67,948.28.
Great Bend Township – $465,440.03.
Hallstead Borough – $118,673.90.
Harford Township – $741,613.32.
Harmony Township – $121,362.
Herrick Township – $153,726.96.
Hop Bottom Borough – $32,693.94.
Jackson Township – $629,900.
Jessup Township – $434,039.46.
Lanesboro Borough – $52,433.88. 
Lathrop Township – $498,391.56.
Lenox Township – $629,900.
Liberty Township – $30,065.60.
Middletown Township – $222,361.65.
Montrose Borough – $142,369.12.
New Milford Borough– $84,371.40.
New Milford Township – $947,507.43.
Oakland Borough – $64,075.52. 
Oakland Township – $150,668.59.
Rush Township – $748,900.02.
Silver Lake Township – $342,936.61.
Springville Township – $1.1 million.
Susquehanna Depot Borough– $150,631.54.
Thompson Borough – $27,138.16.
Thompson Township – $112,215.46.
Union Dale Borough – $30,915.28.

In addition to the individual municipality awards, Susquehanna County as a whole received an additional $8 million in impact fees.

“Natural gas is paving the future for energy solutions within our Commonwealth,” said Fritz. “This annual funding, which goes toward important infrastructure projects and emergency response efforts, is vital to these local communities. I am incredibly excited to see so many municipalities in my district receive these impact fees. Natural gas drilling is such a large and important part of the area economy.”

Fritz noted that Auburn, Springville and New Milford townships were among the top receiving municipalities throughout the Commonwealth. 

Statewide, $278 million was generated for the 2022 production year, an increase of nearly $44 million, or about 19% over last year’s amount. The increase is attributed to higher natural gas prices and the addition of more than 574 new wells in the drilling regions of the state.  

Since impact fees went into effect in 2012 following the enactment of Act 13, $2.5 billion has been returned to communities across Pennsylvania, according to the Public Utility Commission, the agency charged with collection. Sixty percent of the total impact fee revenue is divided among municipalities with drilling activity, while the remaining 40% is collected for statewide uses. Local counties also see a share of that revenue. 

Checks are expected to be distributed in early July.

Representative Jonathan Fritz
111th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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717.260.6617 /